Things To Bring To Oak Hill             (click here for printable copy)

Any medicines and complete instructions

ASPM Riding helmet

Riding boots for every day

Riding clothes for every day

Riding gloves for every day

Riding outfit for show (blue Oak Hill polo shirt, breeches, boots, etc.). If you do not have an Oak Hill shirt this will be provided.



Pants or casual dress for outings

Under clothes

Personal grooming items - toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, etc.

Light rain jacket

A washable laundry bag


2 swimsuits

2 beach towels

Greaseless suntan lotion--no oil please.

Bug spray

Itch cream if you need it for poison ivy or bug bites

Extra spending money for field trips and any extra classes in the shows.

Optional items:

Phone or phone card for long distance calls


Sun hat



Art Supplies

Stamps for mailing letters

Notes for writing home


Grooming equipment

Lunge Line

Items for weekly themes - July 4th, etc.

I also have extra Oak Hill t-shirts in different colors if you would like to purchase them. They are $15 each.



670 County Road 101 Oxford, MS 38655
(662)234-8488 || (662)801-2084
Five miles from the Square
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