Five Ways to Spruce up a Bed & Breakfast with Plants

Bed and breakfast owners entice customers to return to comfortable surroundings and scrumptious food choices. The decor is the icing on the cake, with plants playing a major role in how an establishment looks and feels. Not even online room booking applications can curb consumer demand for traditional bed and breakfast accommodations. In America, more than 20,000 bed and breakfast owners are fueling a nearly five-billion-dollar market. Here are five ways bed and breakfast managers use to improve the atmosphere and fuel consumer demand.


Exotic plants have a wealth of benefits, such as air filtering and stress reduction. However, it’s the beauty that leaves visitors in awe. From the butterfly plant with its distinctive triangle leaves to the royal coral, hanging down from its cactus-like base, exotic plants enhance the bed and breakfast atmosphere. By providing natural elegance and unique appearances, these plants create an ambiance, which helps to improve the visitor’s mood.


Scientists have documented a plant’s ability to improve mood. Reasons for the mood alteration varies, depending on the plant. For instance, the Aloe plant removes air pollution and releases oxygen into the atmosphere, helping a bed and breakfast visitor to enjoy a peaceful night of sleep. Better sleep improves a person’s mood. In fact, the Peace Lilly and the Ivy are also air filtering plants, allowing those in the surrounding area to breathe easier. Clean air is not the only reason plants are beneficial to bed and breakfast businesses, calming aroma’s also help to improve the mood.


The Lavender plant’s aroma is known for lowering the heart rate during stress. For years, its been used as an aromatherapy treatment, helping to ease labor, prevent sleeplessness, eliminate headaches, and relieve tension. The smell of fresh basil leaves are also known to eliminate stress, giving bed and breakfast visitors a beautiful scent to enjoy while relaxing on holiday or touring a new city for the first time.


Plants come in a variety of colors, matching any décor. An interior designer may use plants as art in complementing furnishings and accents within the bed and breakfast. From deep greens to vibrant reds, colors help stimulate the senses, giving B&B visitors great scenery to enjoy. In fact, owners maximize visual impact with attention-getting, stress-relieving, mood-boosting plants to ensure consumers return to visit the vibrant plant-filled atmosphere.


Plants emit oxygen, helping to create a better living environment. In addition, the natural beauty helps to soothe the senses, improving a visitor’s mood. The visual stimulation promotes feelings of happiness and security. Plants also increase compassion, which improves relationships. For these reasons, a plant-filled room is a great atmosphere, especially when vacationing with others at a bed and breakfast.

Bed and Breakfast Decors

Anyone who sets up a bed and breakfast business will probably consider the interior décor of their establishment and try to create a cohesive theme throughout. This helps guests to relax in their new environment. What sort of styles could B&B owners create to keep their guests happy?

Types of Décor

Interior décor can broadly be broken down into two main types: traditional and contemporary. The former might encompass long-established styles such as art deco or art nouveau, where the fixtures and fittings have distinctive geometric shapes or late 19th century nature themes.

A traditional style tends to include more ‘stuff’ than modern styles, which are usually minimalistic with clean lines. The age and look of the furniture will lean towards one or the other, too, with modern furniture tending to be more functional, sharper and less ornate.

In addition to traditional and contemporary, of course you also have the eclectic style of interior décor. Rooms are likely to include a motley collection of items if they’re eclectic, but if it’s done well, those items won’t necessarily look out of place together.

Getting Creative

It can be fun to add a personal touch to interior décor by getting creative. Potential projects for owners of accommodation include stencilling walls, making chair back covers or painting old pieces of furniture.

You can also jazz up shop-bought furniture by mixing and matching with third-party products. On IKEA Karlstad sofas, for instance, Ikea Karlstad sofa covers look great, and anything that makes furniture look more individualized is a good thing.

Special Themes & Relaxing Colors

B&B owners often choose a theme they enjoy to decorate their accommodation with. If it’s artists, they might have a Monet room or a Van Gogh room. Or in a literary place it could be a Keats room and a Shelley room. A few related items typically decorate the room.

If a B&B is right on the coast, it’s sometimes a good idea to extend the coastal feel into the room, so there’ll be light blue, sandy tans or off-white colors and tactile furniture with complementary beach-like textures.

Relaxing hues are generally a good idea in B&B rooms, rather than fiery reds or fussy patterns that jar the vision of guests and give color to their nightmares.

Fitness Breaks and Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and breakfast accommodation is the perfect choice for those who like their home comforts. Although not luxury hotels, these establishments will provide everything you need to make your break that little bit special. Expect delicious home-cooked food as well as comfortable beds and facilities such as free car parking and Wi-Fi. Often set in people’s homes, you can get a sense of how the locals in your chosen area live. You also share their home for a short period of time, which can often be interesting in itself.

Best of all they are much cheaper than hotels which means you can have more money to spend on your chosen vacation activity. If you are health conscious or a keep fit enthusiast, the bed and breakfasts can offer the perfect base from which to explore the local surroundings. Whether you are a keen cyclist, an ardent jogger, an enthusiastic hiker, or a kayaker, then bed and breakfast sites could be just what you are looking for. Similarly, a company called Aim’n can provide you with suitable sports clothing for all your fitness needs.

What is Aim’n?

Aim’n is an online company that specializes in providing comfortable yet functional sportswear for any sporting or keep-fit function. The company designs its own range of sports apparel, and they focus on clothing made by women for women. They offer everything from leggings and tights to tee-shirts, hoodies, and sportswear for all occasions. So whatever you wish to do during your bargain fitness break in a B&B, they will have something to suit you.

For example, they provide an extensive range of leggings and tights featuring trendy designs, the latest styles, and ultimate comfort and fit. Available with environmental motifs or as plain material in many different styles and colors, they are perfect for jogging, work-outs, or yoga. Their versatility makes them suitable for all forms of physical exercise. Made from polyester and elastane, their leggings feature high breathability, which allows sweat to escape via the fabric avoiding unsightly marks during exercise.


Bed and breakfast lodgings are the perfect choice for those who want a value-for-money place to stay while on their sporting holiday. Aim’n clothing is designed to be comfortable yet fashionable so that you will always look good even in the middle of a long run or hike. Once you have found your desired location check out the local tourist board site who is bound to have a list of suitable B&B establishments. And, don’t forget, Aim’n offers desirable, practical sportswear that will make you look and feel good while pursuing your favorite fitness regime.

What Miss If You Skip the B&B Stay

A Bed and Breakfast facility offers you the care and attention you deserve. From sleeping in unique rooms to a great value for your money, here is what you will be missing if you skip B&B.

Personalized Chef

Have you tasted food prepared by a professional culinarian? If you stayed at B&B house, a trained chef could spoil you with international cuisines.

Bigger Bang For Your Buck

Forget a hotel where you may not find reliable parking that often costs too much. Not to mention, you pay for other things like snacks and the internet in a regular hotel. But the value you get for your bucks at a guesthouse is greater than hotel stay. Apart from a comfortable room, you will have free Wi-Fi, parking, and discounts on local attractions. Some B&B facilities offer fresh cookies, free DVDs, and wine for free.

Homemade Breakfast

Craving for a mouthwatering pastry and vegetable side plates? You are sure to get a meal close to what you make at home or even better while staying at a B&B inn.

A Quick Staycation

Have you been planning a getaway but hardly get enough time? A night at B&B can give you the relaxation you just need if you don’t want to spend too much on flight tickets and accommodation.

Unique Rooms

Rooms at B&B are designed with unique character. Expect a unique feel of each room’s interior décor. Choose a theme that matches your mood. You might even get lucky to have a learning opportunity like history and gardening. Some inns date back centuries ago and were once homes to royal families.

The Bed and Breakfast lifestyle is more than just a comfy lodging. Unlike a typical hotel, B&B services perceive you as a guest rather than a mere customer. Get away from the loud highways and bring your family and pets to a B&B if you want to have fun together.

Three Common Industries That May Surprise You

Many industries have a lot in common, which is to be expected. But, then there are some who have a lot in common that may be unexpected. The following outlines what these are.

Bed and Breakfasts

This is a booming industry that has a lot of influence on those that use the services that this form of accommodation provides.

The Arts

This is a popular industry that has a lot of different categories to it. Included in these are the art prints.


Another important industry that is a life changer for all those who have been involved in some form of education which is available on many different platforms.

These three industries have a lot in common because they can be combined together to influence those that use them. Here is an example.

Art Prints

One form of art that can be enjoyed is art prints that are comprised of a variety of different themes. There are many different themes that are used for the creation of this type of art. It can range from being prints that are abstract to those that have captured the essence of nature.

  • How can they be integrated with bed & breakfasts?

These types of establishments have to provide a warm and inviting environment for their guests. One of the least expensive but most effective ways of doing this is by having a collection of different forms of arts on display in each of the rooms that will be used by their guests. Rather than having to invest in expensive pieces of art, they can purchase affordable art prints that are of good quality and themed to fit in with the environment of the bed & breakfast.

  • How can art prints contribute to education?

This is one of the many benefits of art prints that often gets overlooked. Art, in itself, can be an educational tool. The artists who create these prints can use them as an educational tool. Those who get to view these can learn a lot from them.

The art print artist who focuses on creating pieces based on places they visit can provide a lot of information to those who get to view these pieces. They can learn what a region is like just from the print itself. It can create awareness without the viewer having to visit the area themselves.

Even abstract prints can offer a lesson. Viewers get to appreciate the use of colors, and it educates them as to how colors can be used in an array of different ways.

Then, of course, there are the many valuable lessons that can be learned from prints that have been created by the artist’s view of nature. This is a wonderful form of education that even children can take great advantage of.

By knowing how these three industries can come together, it creates a greater appreciation of each of them. It also encourages people to think outside of the box and to become more aware of their surroundings.

Reasons Why You Should Take Fruits as Part of Your Breakfast

Breakfast is among the important meals that individuals should take in a day. However, you can get more health benefits if you include fruits in it. With an empty stomach, eating fruits as a starter can enhance calorie burning, increase metabolism, and boost your mental clarity. Whether you’re at home or looking for accommodation, fruits should be part of the breakfast menu.

This abstract discusses several reasons why you should include fruits when booking for a bed and breakfast accommodation.

Increased Energy

Human bodies experience intense periods immediately after waking up. Considering that you’re hungry and ready to kick start your day, eating fruits is recommended. Fruits provide much-needed energy to keep you active. The natural sugar present in fruits enhance your metabolism and prevent the need to take sugary products. Lemons, oranges, nectarines, and lime are among the most energy-boosting fruits.

Improves Your Digestive System

Fruits have high contents of different nutrients and fibers responsible for digestion stimulation. Early morning intake of selected fruits enhances your digestion by cleaning the colon. Besides, high fibrous fruits help fight obesity, diabetes, and heart disease risks. To gain these benefits, ask the management of the hotel offering the accommodation to include prunes, avocado, figs, and bananas in your breakfast.

Strengthened Immune System

Is your immune system low, and you have no idea how to boost it? Incorporating fruits in your morning meals can enhance the production of antioxidants and vitamin C. These nutrients are responsible for developing a stronger immune system. Therefore, include fruits rich in vitamin C in most of your meals to avoid succumbing to simple illnesses or infections due to a poor immune system.

Encourage Smooth Weight Loss

Did you know that you can shed without having to visit a gym? Fruits can naturally shed weight, especially if consumed in the morning when your stomach is still empty. They detoxify the body, getting rid of excess toxins. Taking a piece of lemon and a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning can significantly release the toxins.

Unknown to many, fruits served in breakfast can solve several medication conditions. Including a piece or two in your bed and breakfast menu enhances your heart and overall body health.

Why You Should Not Skip Breakfast

Most nutritionists claim that no meal takes pre-eminence over breakfast. And from experience, this claim is not a fallacy. rake advantage of it when staying at a bed and breakfast. As many studies have proven, skipping breakfast, especially regularly, can negatively impact one’s health. The following are a few fact-based reasons why it is a big mistake to miss out on this all-important meal.

Maintaining a healthy weight: You may well be aware that staying full lessens hunger. If you fail to take breakfast, there are chances you will crave high-calorie foods, which may lead to overfeeding on the same. And who does not know that excessive consumption of calories is fodder for weight gain! Well, suppose you consume more calories than your body needs. In that case, the excess will be converted into fats for storage, resulting in unhealthy body weight. Hence, it is advisable to keep your body weight in check by taking breakfast regularly.

Anti-aging benefits: While breakfast may not be a substitute for Verso eye serum and other skin-active gels known for their highly effective anti-aging properties, truth be told, kickstarting your day with a piece of papaya helps in soothing your skin. This fruit is rich in papain, an enzyme which is food for the skin, besides being rich in other multiple benefits. According to studies, the enzyme can treat various problems, leaving the skin with a super youthful look. You could apply fresh papaya directly to your facial skin to boost your complexion, and it works marvelously.

Memory boost: While there are so many proven ways of improving your memory, a dose of nutrients in a breakfast meal cannot be overlooked. When you eat a healthy breakfast, your body’s energy requirements will be kept at an optimal level, longer than you may expect. This keeps your neurotransmitters and your brain in good condition, which is necessary for good memory.

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and breakfasts or B&Bs are a classic institution that have been serving tourists and travelers for centuries. The concept is perhaps best known in Great Britain, where they are still as popular or more so than hotels are. A bed and breakfast is typically less impersonal than a hotel or a motel. When traveling in Great Britain, a B&B is definitely the most authentic and charming place to spend one’s night. There are dozens of great options from which to choose, for any time of the year or any occasion.

Could You Run a Bed and Breakfast?

Bed and Breakfasts are often run by the people who own the house, who probably live in it too and who might also do the cooking for breakfast. Furnishing a home to serve as a bed and breakfast is easy with companies such as, who offer a large selection of quality furniture in many styles. Since bed and breakfasts are typically small and might only feature a couple of bedrooms, it does not require a massive investment. Running a bed and breakfast is something many people dream of doing, and it is much less work than running a hotel. It is a great option, especially if you already own a house which can be partly or wholly converted into a bed and breakfast.

The Best Bed and Breakfast in Marbella

Marbella is a renowned holiday destination, rightly famous for its wide beaches, nightlife, stunning surroundings, and mild, sunny weather all year round. The town is situated on the Costa del Sol, in the Spanish region of Andalucia.

It’s a popular destination among tourists of all ages. The population is mainly made up of Spanish people, but there are significant foreign communities that have chosen this charming location as their second homeland, especially from Scandinavia and the UK.

Top List of Bed and Breakfast in Marbella

Here’s a list of some of the best bed and breakfast in town:

  • Hostal Berlin – Located right in the historic center on a quiet pedestrian road, it’s perfect for exploring the town’s best-kept secrets.
  • Hostal Boutique Princesa – Just a stroll away from the beach, includes free Wi-Fi and an exclusive terrace for the guests.
  • The Town House – The perfect place for a romantic getaway. This elegant bed and breakfast are located in the center, with rooms where attention to detail and comfort are a must.
  • Villa Breeze Luxury B&B – Spoil yourself all year round in this beautiful accommodation surrounded by nature. Villa Breeze has a private heated pool so that guests can use it even in the colder months. It’s close to beach access and some of the best golf courses in the area.

What To Do in Marbella

You can spend your days relaxing on Marbella fully serviced beaches, sipping your piñacolada on a comfortable sunbed. Whenever you feel like you’d like something to eat, you can spoil yourself eating at one of the beach’s restaurants that will serve you roasted and fried freshly caught fish.

Nature around Marbella is immaculate and ready to be explored. You can take a walk on one of the many hiking tracks and enjoy a picnic overlooking the gulf. Remember to put in your luggage a couple of leggings and a light jacket, which may get a bit windy, especially in winter. You can take a look at the items on the Aim’n sportswear website, just in case you want to refresh your wardrobe. People in Marbella are very fashion-conscious!

When the sun goes down, Marbella lights up with its incredibly alive nightlife. Nightclubs, pubs, bars, and live music venues; the choices are endless. You can party all night, until dawn: many restaurants usually serve hot meals until two in the morning!

Universities And Music: A Close Relationship

Universities, as motor centers for the dissemination of art and science, cannot be indifferents to the future of music. Theoretical-practical studies of music have been strengthened so much in the universities at the point that in several institutions there are complete faculties dedicated exclusively to this career.

Currently, academic centers not only offer the specialties already known for years, but now expand their borders and offer learning resources that range from current music, to soundtracks, theater musicals or advertising music.

Very Different Areas of Music Studies

In several universities in the United States and Europe are offered specific university studies for classical composition, organ, ballet, or merely dedicated to classical music, such as the Curtis Music Institute in Philadelphia. Also, there are electronic and computerized music centers with technology applied to the recording and editing of this digital age.

The close relationship between academia and music is also reflected, just to mention a few venues, in the well-known Juilliard School in New York and the Berklee Scholl of Music, in Boston. Both represent the elite of musical instruction since they have professors and musicians of international renown who teach in vocal arts, contemporary music, technology and music business, among other subjects of interest.

Rock Love

Rock is one of the main studies in the music area. Latin America also has a full faculty dedicated to music at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Many of the students and graduates of the UNAM opt for rock making great contributions to the development of this musical genre in Mexico. In Anglo-Saxon countries, the study of rock as a professional career is growing and that’s why media like USA Today are collecting interesting information about it

Cognitive Music Studies

Just as music has a great influence on children’s emotional growth, it also contributes to the sonic and cognitive memory of the adult student. Proof of this is the rise of universities and academic centers dedicated to the cognitive branch of music in its various expressions. Music studies are an infinite world.