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Popular Music: Does It Deserve To Be Part Of The Education System?

Popular music is part of the daily news of all societies. It may be that it pleases or is indifferent to a sector, but all people will agree that it i

Mathematical Scientific Research: New Advances

Every day, in some corner of the world, some mathematical scientific research puts a grain of sand to increase the hypotheses, contents and approaches

How Can Mathematics Be Explained To All Types Of Professionals?

Mathematics is the science from which all calculations are born. Physics, chemistry, all kinds of engineering, economic and social sciences… All hav

University Costs: Should They Decrease?

The debate in the American politics on the high cost of universities is very frequent. Unlike many countries in Europe and Latin America, universities

Start College: Life Choice

When high school ends, youth seems to end and a new stage begins. Leaving home, childhood friends and parents, moving to a different city and starting

Choosing the Right Bed and Breakfast

One concern for travellers is always finding a good place to stay for the night or the duration of a trip. Thankfully, B&Bs are a cheap and convenient way to find accommodation when visiting a new area. Bed and breakfast accommodation is usually an establishment which allows people to stay with, or close to, the … Continue reading Choosing the Right Bed and Breakfast

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