Why I Need To Understand Math in High School?

Many high school students agree that they hate math. Often, is teached a lot of information about mathematics that students are not able to process in such a short time. For some, mathematics is not of interest, and studying it in a compulsory way becomes a torment. However, mathematics should not be understood as a subject that aims to make students suffer. So. why is it necessary to study it in high school?

Math Is The Base Of The Other Sciences

The only one that accompanies us from kindergarten through high school is mathematics, since it is the basis of the rest of numerical sciences. For that reason, mathematics is probably the most important subject. However, the main pedagogical failure is to understand mathematics as a pedagogical issue, because when you reach high school, the problems become complex operations and very rarely the student is explained what it is for and where they apply all those complicated calculations they are doing.

Feeling Close Problem

“I do not understand anything” is one of the main expressions of high school students with mathematics. Given that, it is necessary to open a space to understand why a student is not understanding mathematics. It is possible that, given a long and complicated exercise, a student loses interest.

But there is also a problem of closeness: if the student had access to the practical explanation of that exercise, the result would probably be different. By knowing what the result will be and its application for life, the studentil will likely feel more motivated to do so.

Necessary For Life

There is much talk about how necessary mathematics is, but very little is said about to what it is necessary for. In high school, teachers often tell students that math is necessary, but they don’t say what applications it has and what are the ways to move math into the practice. From high school a greater effort could be made by teachers so that students could understand more what they are doing with math and what it will do to them.

Actually, you cannot doubt how necessary mathematics is. However, the strategies to convince a teenager about the need to learn mathematics may not be the same as for adults. The ultimate goal is for students to learn about math for a lifetime, and not just to take an exam.

Mathematical Scientific Research: New Advances

Every day, in some corner of the world, some mathematical scientific research puts a grain of sand to increase the hypotheses, contents and approaches on some mathematical topic. Constantly, universities and technological institutes develop, together with professors and students, new scientific research, which allows them to increase their understanding of the world around us.

Some of them are very interesting and others promise to change the conception of life as we know it. Let’s take a look at some of the new research areas.

Contributions In Pure Mathematics

Pure mathematics always brings new things. His study focuses mainly on the development of new properties referring to worlds such as algebra, arithmetic or any numbers. These new investigations are the initial starting point for the development of the rest, because only with the development of new properties is it possible to create new elements. Sites like the Journal of New Research in Mathematics collects the best.

That does not mean that pure mathematics is only about isolated numbers. New properties can also be developed in the area of pure mathematics. Many of this investigations are intended for health sciences, on topics such as chromosomes, or even in nanotechnology applications.

And What About Applied Mathematics?

The space of applied mathematics is the one that has the most signs of continuing to become popular. Journals such as The Independent collect information on new mathematical studies, especially those with daily application. For example: there is a mathematical way to discover how to perfectly cut a pizza, so this type of information becomes enjoyable and interesting for the reader. This is also a way to bring mathematical university studies to a close reality, because applied mathematics can change the ways of studying mathematics or also, the way in which mathematics is presented in other sciences.

In any case, a very essential part of the university study in mathematics is the development of research. As you have seen, all of them are very different from each other. Fortunately, study in universities continues to grow and depends on the branches of research that each student or work team takes. The publication of these results is the best mechanism for this contribution to be taken into account worldwide, and the internet is the best space for the dissemination of the new research content produced. Mathematics is a current topic that is in constant motion.

How Can Mathematics Be Explained To All Types Of Professionals?

Mathematics is the science from which all calculations are born. Physics, chemistry, all kinds of engineering, economic and social sciences… All have as a primary origin, in addition to philosophy, to mathematics. Therefore, no matter if you’re a journalist or a biologist, you need to know mathematical knowledge that will help in your daily professional practice.

It’s not true that all professionals must make complicated calculations on a daily basis. The relationship with mathematics is more elementary, and is usually useful in the professional practice of all types of areas. The key is to find what are the elements that unite mathematics with different sciences and techniques, and thus, be able to make the most of it.

What Links Math With My Career?

There is no way to learn mathematics applied to the career that I exercise if we do not know what unites them. For example: nobody is going to require a doctor to propose mathematical exercises, but a professional in the health sciences has the need to know a series of numerical data about blood and body values. One of the best strategies is to try to understand that these data are not only an indicator that something is right or wrong, but that they respond to a series of math processes with a clear reason.

The first thing to know is in what aspects does mathematics join with my career, and what is the meaning of those mathematical values. Only then, through that understanding, mathematics can improve my professional performance in the present and the future.

Determine How To Apply Math With Your Career

There are issues that always connect mathematics with very distant careers. For example: in all social sciences and humanities, it is necessary to study statistics. The social sciences do a lot of quantitative research, so they require a solid statistical base. Also, in architecture, it is necessary to understand what the limits are and all the calculations related to the future construction.

Once knowing that it unites mathematics with your career, the rest is to apply it. For that, your best friends will be specialized websites, a computer or a calculator. It is not necessary that your calculations be mental or manual: an Excel sheet can be extremely useful and with it you could solve a huge amount of problems for your research or work. However, you should always need other tools to help you, and thus, be able to understand that mathematics is also part of your work.

The mathematical knowledge in all types of careers is very important. The profession doesn’t matter: we all need some math at some point. Although it may seem very far from our professional career, mathematics is everywhere. The main thing is to know where and how to apply mathematics, in order to incorporate it into our professional and work life.

Math At Primary School: Boring Or Fun?

Math classes at school are a complicated issue. For many, they are a source of joy and excitement. For others, quite the opposite: it means the beginning of great suffering. It is no secret to anyone that, in the world of knowledge, everyone has different interests. That also applies in the classroom, and there are many reasons why difficulties arise in school with math. But if we understand that mathematics is necessary, what strategies can be made to make math fun in primary education?

The Game Of Mathematical Operations

It is true that most school texts on mathematics try to see mathematical operations as a game. The sense of this is that children can see mathematics as a daily learning and application exercise, and thus not feel completely isolated from reality. These techniques are essentials: the more real the math, the more useful and simple the students can feel it.

Logic Is The Next Step

It is not enough just to show mathematics as a game of operations and monetary transactions, or about geometric matters. We have to make mathematics have its logical component developed since childhood. For example: from schools you can promote spaces to study mathematics besides the classroom.

To achieve that, with the help of new educational platforms, moments can be developed to know a place and understand what mathematical operations there apply. A skill and ability for mental level operations can also be developed. But logic, in any of its applications, is the other fundamental component so that children can be attracted to mathematics and see it as something real and not abstract.

Why To Study Mathematics In Universities?

What is mathematics studied for? Throughout the school life, from preschool to the last year of high school, students see mathematics. Very few finish high school with the desire to continue studying mathematics. There are many people who think that the math career is a waste of time because it is very theoretical and impractical and because many of their students will end up being teachers in schools. None of this has to be this way, and there are many universities that have a lot of prestige for his math career.

Starting Point

Mathematics can be understood as the numerical starting point of the whole world that constitutes us. Today we can develop a mathematical formula for almost everything: from body parts to physical objects, and even planets. These formulas and numerical characteristics are the starting point for understanding the world as a physical unit. Just as philosophy is the mother of all sciences, mathematics is the mother of basic sciences.

Application In Universities

It is wrong to think that university mathematicians only remain in the theoretical component. The websites that publish university rankings demonstrate that there’re mathematics careers related to the computer and industrial area. That makes many feel attracted to the study of applied mathematics and related work.