Five Ways to Spruce up a Bed & Breakfast with Plants

Bed and breakfast owners entice customers to return to comfortable surroundings and scrumptious food choices. The decor is the icing on the cake, with plants playing a major role in how an establishment looks and feels. Not even online room booking applications can curb consumer demand for traditional bed and breakfast accommodations. In America, more than 20,000 bed and breakfast owners are fueling a nearly five-billion-dollar market. Here are five ways bed and breakfast managers use to improve the atmosphere and fuel consumer demand.


Exotic plants have a wealth of benefits, such as air filtering and stress reduction. However, it’s the beauty that leaves visitors in awe. From the butterfly plant with its distinctive triangle leaves to the royal coral, hanging down from its cactus-like base, exotic plants enhance the bed and breakfast atmosphere. By providing natural elegance and unique appearances, these plants create an ambiance, which helps to improve the visitor’s mood.


Scientists have documented a plant’s ability to improve mood. Reasons for the mood alteration varies, depending on the plant. For instance, the Aloe plant removes air pollution and releases oxygen into the atmosphere, helping a bed and breakfast visitor to enjoy a peaceful night of sleep. Better sleep improves a person’s mood. In fact, the Peace Lilly and the Ivy are also air filtering plants, allowing those in the surrounding area to breathe easier. Clean air is not the only reason plants are beneficial to bed and breakfast businesses, calming aroma’s also help to improve the mood.


The Lavender plant’s aroma is known for lowering the heart rate during stress. For years, its been used as an aromatherapy treatment, helping to ease labor, prevent sleeplessness, eliminate headaches, and relieve tension. The smell of fresh basil leaves are also known to eliminate stress, giving bed and breakfast visitors a beautiful scent to enjoy while relaxing on holiday or touring a new city for the first time.


Plants come in a variety of colors, matching any d├ęcor. An interior designer may use plants as art in complementing furnishings and accents within the bed and breakfast. From deep greens to vibrant reds, colors help stimulate the senses, giving B&B visitors great scenery to enjoy. In fact, owners maximize visual impact with attention-getting, stress-relieving, mood-boosting plants to ensure consumers return to visit the vibrant plant-filled atmosphere.


Plants emit oxygen, helping to create a better living environment. In addition, the natural beauty helps to soothe the senses, improving a visitor’s mood. The visual stimulation promotes feelings of happiness and security. Plants also increase compassion, which improves relationships. For these reasons, a plant-filled room is a great atmosphere, especially when vacationing with others at a bed and breakfast.