Popular Music: Does It Deserve To Be Part Of The Education System?

Popular music is part of the daily news of all societies. It may be that it pleases or is indifferent to a sector, but all people will agree that it is a rhythm that surrounds any community. This type of music is also known as pop. However, before the musical studies start to clasify music, popular music was also seen as traditional or folkloric.

Today, popular music is neither like that because it’s not usually identified with nations or ethnicities. That has made pop and rock two main musical genres on a global scale. Therefore, there’re popular music programs in centers such as Rider University.

No Tradition, But Popular

From the historical point of view, it would be important to taught “popular music” in the educational system. That would allow to understand even the role that the media has played in its expansion, and its relationship with national identity.

This type of music is already so integrated into the academic society, since in several university study centers subjects of traditional and traditional music are taught, to offer both theoretical and practical aspects. Popular music is studied seriously in all of its fields.