Universities And Music: A Close Relationship

Universities, as motor centers for the dissemination of art and science, cannot be indifferents to the future of music. Theoretical-practical studies of music have been strengthened so much in the universities at the point that in several institutions there are complete faculties dedicated exclusively to this career.

Currently, academic centers not only offer the specialties already known for years, but now expand their borders and offer learning resources that range from current music, to soundtracks, theater musicals or advertising music.

Very Different Areas of Music Studies

In several universities in the United States and Europe are offered specific university studies for classical composition, organ, ballet, or merely dedicated to classical music, such as the Curtis Music Institute in Philadelphia. Also, there are electronic and computerized music centers with technology applied to the recording and editing of this digital age.

The close relationship between academia and music is also reflected, just to mention a few venues, in the well-known Juilliard School in New York and the Berklee Scholl of Music, in Boston. Both represent the elite of musical instruction since they have professors and musicians of international renown who teach in vocal arts, contemporary music, technology and music business, among other subjects of interest.

Rock Love

Rock is one of the main studies in the music area. Latin America also has a full faculty dedicated to music at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Many of the students and graduates of the UNAM opt for rock making great contributions to the development of this musical genre in Mexico. In Anglo-Saxon countries, the study of rock as a professional career is growing and that’s why media like USA Today are collecting interesting information about it

Cognitive Music Studies

Just as music has a great influence on children’s emotional growth, it also contributes to the sonic and cognitive memory of the adult student. Proof of this is the rise of universities and academic centers dedicated to the cognitive branch of music in its various expressions. Music studies are an infinite world.