Why I Need To Understand Math in High School?

Many high school students agree that they hate math. Often, is teached a lot of information about mathematics that students are not able to process in such a short time. For some, mathematics is not of interest, and studying it in a compulsory way becomes a torment. However, mathematics should not be understood as a subject that aims to make students suffer. So. why is it necessary to study it in high school?

Math Is The Base Of The Other Sciences

The only one that accompanies us from kindergarten through high school is mathematics, since it is the basis of the rest of numerical sciences. For that reason, mathematics is probably the most important subject. However, the main pedagogical failure is to understand mathematics as a pedagogical issue, because when you reach high school, the problems become complex operations and very rarely the student is explained what it is for and where they apply all those complicated calculations they are doing.

Feeling Close Problem

“I do not understand anything” is one of the main expressions of high school students with mathematics. Given that, it is necessary to open a space to understand why a student is not understanding mathematics. It is possible that, given a long and complicated exercise, a student loses interest.

But there is also a problem of closeness: if the student had access to the practical explanation of that exercise, the result would probably be different. By knowing what the result will be and its application for life, the studentil will likely feel more motivated to do so.

Necessary For Life

There is much talk about how necessary mathematics is, but very little is said about to what it is necessary for. In high school, teachers often tell students that math is necessary, but they don’t say what applications it has and what are the ways to move math into the practice. From high school a greater effort could be made by teachers so that students could understand more what they are doing with math and what it will do to them.

Actually, you cannot doubt how necessary mathematics is. However, the strategies to convince a teenager about the need to learn mathematics may not be the same as for adults. The ultimate goal is for students to learn about math for a lifetime, and not just to take an exam.